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If this doesn't help or you need more info, please call us @ 855.718.1990 or e-mail joe@joeflorida.com.

MOST COMMON PROBLEM: I have a light that is different from the rest or my lights won't shut off, what can I do?

This is caused by a negative short in your system (almost always caused by a pinched, crimped or exposed wire in the system). It may also blow the fuse. Check the fuse and replace with a 5 amp blade fuse. Disconnect all of the lights from the control box. Plug in a single light and test the system. If everything works correctly, continue to connect them back to the control box one at a time until the issue happens again. Trace the entire length of all extensions and connections between the control box and the strip. Once you find a pinched or chaffed wire, either straighten it out or cover any exposed wires with electrical tape.

 Why Joe Florida?

Joe Florida was founded over 15 years ago with one goal. Offer the best LED lighting systems on Earth at a fair price. We offer the brightest LED lighting systems and light kits in the industry (SMD5050 tri-color & single color chips) with the most waterproof and heat resistant coating and wires available. NO ONE offers a better product for your vehicle, period. We also offer a lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects (as long as you own the vehicle) on our LED strips, and a One (1) year warranty on everything else.. Joe Florida LED lighting systems have the lowest cost of ownership (comparing similar types of lighting) of any vehicle lighting system.

What do you mean by Multi-Color? How do they work?

Multi-Color means that you can select a single color for all of the lights (they will always be the same color or doing the same function) or choose from the different transitions and such. The conrol box has  amemory function, so if you set it on green, each time you turn the system on it will be green unless you change it. Here's a video that illustrates the modes on the standard Mirage J-15 controller.


What's this SMD non-sense and why should I care?

SMD stand for Surface Mounted Diode. The numbers represent the dimensions of the chip itself. A 5050 strip has LEDs that are 5 mm x 5 mm. A 3528 strip has 3.5 mm x 2.8 mm LEDs, etc. SMD5050 LEDs are 2 to 3 times brighter than the comparable SMD3528 chips (depending on color).

Many of our "competitors" offer PTH (Planting Through Holes) LEDs. This is the technology that preceded the SMD revolution and is dimmer and more prone to failure. Basically, they had to plant the LED diodes through the circuit board. This means that the circuit board itself is pierced and the LEDs are pulled through it. SMD chips do not require the board to messed with, so the connection is more solid, more flexible, brighter and more even.

I see people with much cheaper LED light kits and much more expensive LED light kits, why?

There is a HUGE variety of LED types, qualities, manufacturers, etc. We have chosen to use the best versions of everything we offer (LED PODs, Strips, Light Bars, Controllers, Extension Wires, Adhesives, etc.) at a fair price. Others offer a much less expensive product because it's a much lower quality one. Some charge 2 or 3 times what we do because people will pay it. No matter what you pay, what you can't get is a BETTER product for the money. Sure, we're not the cheapest in the business, but we are the least expensive.

How Long Are The Strips?

Each 9 LED Segment is 5 Inches. 18 LEDs = 10 Inches, 27 LEDs = 15 Inches and 36 LEDs = 20 Inches.

What's the deal with purple?

Purple, by it's place on the lighting spectrum, will always appear to be about half as bright as the other colors. 1/2 of the light output is lost to the ultra violet spectrum, which the human eye can not perceive. It's just the nature of the color, our purple strips are the brightest you can get.


What do I do if my lights won't shut off?

Disconnect all of the lights from your control box. Plug in a single light and run through the functions and see if it turns off. If it does, keep plugging in strips until it starts to act up. Then, trace that wire from the box to the strip, find the exposed wire and cover it with electrical tape. If that doesn't cure it, or they won't shut off, get in touch with us.

Strips Have Lights Out:

  1. If the whole strip is out, there is a power issue. Again, it's is caused by the wiring.
  2. If there are sectors of lights out, the strip has a bad resistor. Give us a call for more help or a repalcement.

When can I wash my bike after installtion?
You can wash your bike 24 hours after the lights are completely installed.

What do I do if my strips melted?
You can't use them on the engine, muffler or any hot surface. If you can't hold your hand there comfortably for a few seconds, it's too hot to put a strip.

The Wire Pulled out of the Strip:
On a front wheel strip make sure there was slack in the line going back to compensate for the movement of the forks. If it's another strip, it's a warranty replacement.

My LED lights won't turn on, what's next?

  1. The Battery must have a full, 12v charge. A motorcycle will start with less, but the lights will not.
  2. Check the batteries in the key fobs.

Where is my order?
The tracking information is on the website. That's the most up to date info we have.

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